Vicky Olamendi

Phone: (999) 920-6856
Fax: (949) 243-6035
Cell: (999) 546-0427

Hello, my name is Vicky Olamendi. I was born in Puebla, but lived in Orange County California since 1986. I just moved to this beautiful city of Merida, Yucatan. My professional background is in Medical Science, however, I’ve been enrolled in Real Estate in Orange County as a real estate broker assistant since 2010. I am also a legal certified translator in United States, and Perito Traductor in Mexico.

I am happily married for 31 years now, with 2 amazing, brilliant sons. My oldest belongs proudly in the Armed Forces of United States. We have 2 cute little doggies. I am passionate about Arts and Classical Music.

This beautiful city offers amazing opportunities and also a great sense of security, amazing food, amazing environment, and the warmest people in Mexico, and not to mention one of the cultural capitals of Mexico.

I would be honored to help you in your real estate needs. Thank you and God Bless.