LOT AREA 45 Hectares
CODE 003163   AGENT: Keith Heitke
$670,000 USD
(Convert to MXN)
Hacienda Cuch-balam
Cuzama, Yucatan

Set in the beautiful countryside of the state of Yucatan sits Hacienda Cuch-Balam. A beautiful, old colonial property surrounded by fields of hennequin, this beautifully restored property is a diamond in the rough. Lovingly brought back to life, Hacienda Cuch-Balam has been modernised, incorporating solar panels and water recycling tanks enabling you to reduce your carbon emissions while visiting or working and truly bringing it into the future.

Hacienda Cuch-Balam lies 10 minutes from the beautiful Cenotes of Cuzama, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state of Yucatan, and 25 minutes from Mayapan, a smaller yet very important relative of Chichen Itza.
If looking to start a business here in Yucatan, Hacienda Cuch-Balam is the perfect place to do so, with 8,000 square metres of landscaped gardens, lunch goers and visitors will be delighted to be surrounded by this beautiful countryside as well as being provided with organic produce coming directly from the grounds.

Hidden away, Hacienda Cuch-Balam is a property of 45 hectacres with the main area enclosed by beautiful stone walls. Entering the main house through large front doors you will find yourself in the main hub. What was originally two large rooms has been converted, by an archway, into a large open plan living space, maximizing light and airflow. Off this large space are 2 rooms, which could be used as bedrooms, and off these are another 2 smaller rooms. One has been converted into a fresh, modern en suite bathroom. The other is currently being used as an office but could easily be changed into another suite. Each room has views of the landscaped gardens.

The 2 cabanas on the grounds each have their own private terrace, garden and bath. Using modern design with local materials the effect is quite beautiful and something that has not so far been seen here in the Yucatan.

The Cenote, sitting less than 20 metres from the main house, provides Hacienda Cuch-Balam with most of its water.Taking advantage of, yet knowing that this is a precious resource, specially designed water recycling tanks have been installed allowing maximum usage. The main house has also been fitted with an underground rain water tank to take advantage of the rainy season here in the Yucatan. The property really has been re-designed to maximize every available en site resource using up to date innovative technology.

Solar panels have been used, placed on the roofs they allow every light, fan and all other electrical appliances to be switched on for 5 whole days. Of course, this is not a common occurrence but gives reassurance if there is no sun for a few days. Batteries, inverters and all the controls are stored in the waterproof bodega, keeping equipment at their best. Solar water heaters have also been installed and provide more than enough hot water for every need.

In one of the corrals immediate to the main house lies an organic vegetable garden.

Hacienda Cuch-Balam truly is a beautiful and magical place, perfect for those wanting to experience the true essence of the Yucatan.

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Colonial Beamed Ceiling

Fenced / Walled Yard